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The Harloff Company was started in 1951 when the founder designed and built the first hotel housekeeping cart which became an industry standard.  Harloff began expanding its capabilities into other markets.  They engineered a variety of Mobile Technology Workstations® as well as service advisor podiums and recently added Indeco tool storage systems to their product offering..

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Computer Workstations—mobile and wall mount—PC’s, laptops and service equipment

Harloff Mobile Computer Workstation

Service Advisor Podiums—available in metal or wood laminate with granite laminate top

Service Advisor WorkstationService Advisor WorkstationHarloff Mobile Lap Top CartIndeco Tool Storage - 5 frame

INDECO Tool Storage Systems –Choose from 3-frame system with six panels or 5-frame system with 10 panels

Indeco Tool Storage - 3 frame

Several style / color options available

Key Cutting StationCustomer Privacy Workstation

Customer Privacy Workstation—let your customers check their email and work with some privacy while their car is in for service

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Coffee Service Station—Add customer comfort and convenience to any service or sales department.  This cart provides mobile counter space for a self-service coffee beverage station.  Available with or without awning

Key Cutting Station—Place your key machine on top and store all your key blanks below.  Available with a combination or key lock for secure storage