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Perfect brake job.......every time

Since 1987, Pro-Cut has worked closely with major OEM’s, tire chains and retailers to find solutions to brake pulsation issues.......among them GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Porsche, Firestone and Pep-Boys.

Pro-Cut lathes are essential equipment at GMC, Chevrolet, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury and Subaru.

Return on investment?  Any car—Any lift—7-9 minutes per rotor!

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PFM 9.0

Lathe mounts on the vehicle hub and resurfaces the brake rotor.  The patented rotor matching system provides a perfect and precise match between rotor and hub, eliminating brake shudder or pulsation and extending the life of rotors and pads.  The fully automated “PFM” lateral runout adjustment system needs no input from the techs.

· Provides smooth, non-directional micro-finish in a single pass

· On-car function eliminates time-consuming removal of pressed-on or “trapped” rotors

· Single pass removes up to 0.040 inch

· Cast aluminum body provides natural dampening and is virtually indestructible

· Extra wide adjustment range handles rear rotors easily

· Rigid tool arm ensures that rotor surfaces will be parallel and exactly perpendicular to spindle axis

· Simple, easy-to-use adapters

· Automatic shut-off switch allows hands-free operation



The PFM 9.2 on-car lathe uses Pro-Cut’s exclusive, award-winning, patented PFM Rotor Machining Technology.  Press one button and the lathe is compensated to 0.001” or less in as little as 15 seconds.  All New DRO—Constant “live” runout readings to show and confirm lathe accuracy!

· TDS (tuned dampening system) combines non-cantilevered tool supports with interface dampening at all contact points to eliminate the need for interrupted and / or variable speed cut systems.

· Redesigned body with increased mass, reach and attention to ergonomic layout

· New DSP (digital signal processor)....true computerized “one-button” lateral runout adjustment system is now faster and more accurate than ever!

· Redesigned heavy-duty gearbox is virtually maintenance free

· Redesigned heavy-duty cutting head with zero set depth knobs improves cut accuracy

· New premium heavy-duty trolley designed with “Power Screw” height adjustment for use on all lifts, including drive-on racks.

· All one-piece, heavy-duty adapters are fast to set up and easy to identify without measuring tools or charts.

· High-amp flash start 1.0 HP motor has the highest start-up torque of any on-car lathe!

· Adapter packages to fit everything from 4-lug cars up to and including 1-ton medium duty dual wheel trucks—front & rear!

Pro-Cut PFM 9.0 Brake LathePro-Cut 9.2 Brake LathePro-Cut Digital Runout Close up