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The ultimate for safely handling explosive fuels and hazardous solvents

For over 30 years, Tempo portable fuel / solvent transfer systems have set the quality standard for safe, efficient handling of fuels and certain shop solvents.  Through an exclusive agreement with Tempo Products Company, WIS Associates, Inc. will continue to manufacture these products as well as support existing customers.

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Tempo Products LogoTempo FM3200 30 gal Air Operated Tanker

FM-3200—30 Gallon

· Directional fuel flow system—a single 4-way valve controls all functions without the need to separate check and shut-off valves.

· Factory Mutual approved—fully complies with all OSHA requirements

· Filtration protection—Spin-on filter removed 98.8% of emulsified water of emulsified water and foreign particles.  The filter is an integral component of our directional control valve filtering fuel when pumping from a vehicle into a tanker.

· Rapid operation—saves time and labor

· Safer storage by minimizing fumes—reducing fire hazards to a minimum

· Electrical static grounding dissipates a static discharge via grounding wires

· Rapid operation saves time and labor

· Direct sight mechanical gauge is easy to read

· Bright red powder coated finish is fuel resistant.  “Flammable”, “Gasoline”, “Diesel”, “Unleaded” and “E85” decals are packed separately with each tanker

Tempo FM2100 100 gal Hand Operated Tanker

FM-2100—100 Gallon

FM 2122 Air Unit

Air Conversion Units—Tempo air conversion units transfer fuel / solvents at a higher 10 gallon per minute pumping rate than conventional hand pumps.  They run on shop air and will adapt to any of Tempo’s 30 or 100 gallon tankers.  These units can easily be installed in approximately 30 minutes.

FM Approved LogoFM Approved Logo16-Point Star: E85

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30-Gallon, Hand Operated Tanker


30-Gallon, Air Operated Tanker


100-Gallon Hand Operated Tanker


100-Gallon Air Operated Tanker


Air Conversion Unit