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Since 1929, Christie Automotive Products has manufactured the most technologically advanced, high-performance battery service equipment to the automotive service industry…...proudly made in the USA!

Christie professional chargers provide automatic reverse polarity protection, multi-surge or spike protection, copper transformer wire, industrial grade diodes, completely galvanized, powder-coated steel cabinets, steel shafts on all rotary and timer switches, sturdy rubber wheels, 500 amp vinyl-covered clamps with copper jaws.  UL/CSA listed for all-weather use.

Christie battery service equipment provides safety, speed and simplicity with traditional Christie quality and rugged reliability.  Their warranty is the best in the business with Christie equipment serviced by a nationwide network of over 200 authorized service centers.

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PDQ Service Express 1/2 Hour Fast Charger

· First computer controlled service bay charger designed for speed and safety

· Battery can be returned to service in 20 to 40 minutes

· Automatic operation

· Simple and user-friendly

· No controls to set or meters to monitor

Christie Automotive PDQ Battery ChargerChristie Automotive QDD Dud Buster

QDD “Dud Buster” Fast Charger / Booster for Sulfated Batteries

· Deep discharge recovery mode for automatic 18 volt higher initial charging voltage for recovery of sulfate batteries

Christie Automotive CS3 Smart Starter

CS 3 “Smart Starter” Safety Starter / Booster Cart

· Instant starting power with dead-clamp hook-ups

· Boost up to 30 cars without recharging the booster battery

· Built-in automatic charger and low battery warning light

· Vehicle battery voltmeter and 12’ remove booster controller

Christie Automotive CT500 Battery Load Tester

CT 500– 500 amp Carbon Pile Variable Battery Load Tester

· 6/12 volt adjustable 0-500 amp load

· Large dual meters

· Pass/Fail display

· 500 amp vinyl coated side terminal clamps

Christie Automotive CT800 Battery Load Tester

CT 800– 800 amp Carbon Pile Variable Battery Load Tester

· 6/12 volt adjustable 0-800 amp load

· Fan cooled

· Large dual meters

· Pass/Fail Display

· 800 amp vinyl coated side terminal clamps

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