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Through innovative design and ongoing development, Crushproof has fashioned the most complete line of service products related to the ventilation of garage exhaust fumes.

Crushproof exhaust tubing has been designed to withstand intermittent exhaust temperatures up to 600ºF, while maintaining maximum flexibility and durability.  Crushproof’s innovative compounding has kept pace with the emergence of high heat producing catalytic converters and emission control devices.

Through their exclusive patented manufacturing process, Crushproof hoses are spirally convoluted and non-reinforced which allows use of threaded adapters and accessories that can be tightly screwed into or onto the tubing. 

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Crushproof’s patented Dynamometer Hose is designed to withstand the high temperature of a dynamometer when used with a fan assisted system

· Heavy wall thickness increases durability

· Can be used in many other applications

Crushproof Dynamometer Hose

Reel hose designed for use on hose reels and overhead exhaust systems

· Available in 4” x 25’, 5” x 25’ and 6” x 25’ lengths

· The first 5’ is crushproof, while the last 20’ is wire-reinforced

· Each 25’ length comes with a tailpipe adapter

16-Point Star: Designed for use in IM240 and VMAS emission testing!
Crushproof Reel HoseCrushproof Flarelock Hose

Flarelock Hose—Crushproof’s most popular hose line

· Available in 2” x 11’, 2.5” x 11’ 3” x 11’ and 4” x 11’ lengths

· Flared end allows multiple lengths to be connected without additional parts

· Product should always be used with the appropriate adapter for your application

Crushproof Flarelock Hose

Act Hose designed for use with larger gas vehicles and diesel trucks

· Available in 4” x 11’, 5” x 11’ and 6” x 11’ lengths

· Available with or without wire reinforcement to prevent kinking

· 5” and 6” will accommodate diesel truck and bus applications

Crushproof Y AssemblyCrushproof AdaptersCrushproof FittingsCrushproof S Shaped Exhaust

Crushproof offers a complete line of accessory items that are designed to make your exhaust system safe and easy to use while prolonging the life of the hose.  Y-assemblies are designed for converting a single hose into two hoses for dual exhaust vehicles

Crushproof AccessoriesCrushproof Accessory